How To Make Money Selling Art On Society 6

Just upload and go!

Screenshot of Author’s Society 6 storefront.

As full-time traveling artists, it is sometimes difficult to find ways of making money for our artwork. Of course, we can’t just make drawings and paintings, then carry them with us hoping to sell them. And while we do paint murals in exchange for accommodation, this is only one aspect of our art that helps us to survive in this chosen lifestyle.

I first discovered Society 6 in 2014. Back then we were still living in Canada and I had recently discovered a program that makes really cool fractal designs. (If you don’t know what a fractal is, click here.)

Society 6 is a Print On Demand company that prints designs on each product, and also makes the products from scratch, as they are ordered. This means that each item is made for each customer. There are many companies doing this these days, but Society 6 was one of the first.

There are many benefits to this model. If you are interested in why I choose Print On Demand, read my reasons below.

Graphic designed by Author.

I was immediately addicted to the fractal program and would spend many hours playing with it and creating fun and bold designs. The program encompasses all the things that I love in my artwork;

Bright bold colors, teeny tiny patterns, and fun textures!



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