My First Month On Vocal

It certainly isn’t Medium, but it’s okay.


Photo by Tianyi Ma on Unsplash

At the beginning of May I decided to give Vocal a try. I had read enough articles, good and bad, to decide whether or not it was worth it for me.

The clincher was that I could publish my Medium articles over there with relative ease, so I figured that it couldn’t hurt to try.

The first article I posted was one of my best from Medium How To Sell All of Your Things and Travel Full Time.

Within a day, I had a handful of reads and Vocal gave me a $5 bonus because they claimed that it was a “Top Story.”

After publishing 5 articles, they gave me a further $5 bonus.

Within a week I had $10 and change in my wallet!

Earnings from Vocal so far. Screenshot by Author.

I got another $5 for a second “Top Story” when I published my post Are You a “REAL” Artist?

And THEN, I got $10 when I published my tenth story!

I also got very excited when I received a tip that went straight into my Stripe account and then to my bank account, automatically.

Because I am not a paying subscriber of Vocal, I have to wait until I earn $35 before I can withdraw my money. But I have also heard that after publishing 20 articles, they will pay me, you guessed it, $20. So that will push my payout to where I can get at it.

I guess that is their way of making you hang around.

As you can see the actual read time doesn’t pay much. But as I grow my account and keep pumping stories out, I’m sure that will grow as well.

Top earning stories of mine. Screenshot by author.

I will say this, Vocal does NOT have the community vibe that Medium does. They only just introduced commenting, and people are still figuring that part out. Plus I haven’t gotten notifications of comments, I have had to go looking to see if I have any.

But as they grow, I am sure that they will iron out the details and will improve



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