Our Nomadic Timeline From the Beginning

Where our journey has taken us so far.

Jillian Amatt - Artistic Voyages
5 min readMay 25, 2022
Our most recent stamp in Uganda. Photo Credit: Author

Many of you know that in 2017 we sold all of our possessions to head out into the world to travel full-time. But many of you may not know exactly where we have been in that time. As we pass 6 years of this nomadic life, I felt that I better start writing down where we have been, and when.

This will benefit not only my readers but also me as my brain ages and starts to forget (and before I have to delete the pictures, which tell me the dates, off of my phone to make room for new ones!)

I think, moving forward, that this document will be a living document that I will continuously update. There will be no details about the places that we visited, but I will link to appropriate lists or articles that may give an insight into each place as I write them.

Please note that this list does NOT include the places that we traveled to before we became nomadic full-time. To see that complete list, head to the ‘countries’ tab on our website.

So here we go, in order of where we started first:

Costa Rica — (4.5 months) October 2017 — April 2018



Jillian Amatt - Artistic Voyages

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