Why Trusting People Is Not Naive

If we can’t trust in each other, where does that leave us?

Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash

I’ve recently posted my best-earning article yet Why We Hated Egypt and Will Likely Never Go Back. I’m not surprised that it has made me the most money since it is the most negative article that I have written.

I knew that it was negative and because I hate focusing on the negative, I held back on writing it. In fact, I grappled with my morals for about 3 months before I finally decided that I just needed to do it.

While overall it is a negative article, it does serve a purpose in warning others about what they may encounter in Egypt. Of course, I braced myself for the backlash, thinking that I would get more than my fair share of people angry at me for painting a whole country in the way that I did.

But out of 60-some comments so far, only a handful have been undesirable feedback.

In fact, I have been shocked by the overwhelming support of what I have written.

I do realize that each of us has a different travel experience wherever we go, and I think that was what was holding me back from writing this article. I felt like just because we had a bad experience, doesn’t mean that others will. And who am I to tell everyone else how horrible it was, when it may not be that bad for them?

But after reading the comments, both here and on the social media platforms where I shared it, I can see that this article was justified. And just maybe, the reason why it is earning so well is that so many others can relate to my feelings.

One thing that has stood out to me amongst the negative comments is that people are telling me that I am naive. I am naive for trusting strangers.

One story in my post talks of us arriving at a train station. After spending some time looking for a place to eat, we headed for a seating area which is when we were approached by two men that appeared to work in the area.

We told them that we were looking for a place to eat. They told us that the station didn’t have a place, but if we wanted to wait where we were, they would be…



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