Sad To Be Leaving But Happy To Be On Our Way

Soon we are off on a brand new adventure.


My beautiful writing space right now. Photo Credit: Author

It is amazing how fast a month can go by.

In what felt like just yesterday, it seemed as though I had all the time in the world until our flight to Turkey. It felt like miles away. Then all of a sudden it is here. Our blissed-out state is snapped into reality with the knowledge that we are about to re-enter northern civilization.

Chris and I have started referring to Europe and North America as ‘northern civilization’, instead of ‘western civilization’. We think geographically, northern makes more sense than western since Europe is directly over Africa. So that is what it shall be from now on.

At least in our minds.

Today is our second last day at the place we have called home for over two months now. We came here as fragile souls, who I believe, were on the brink of a nervous breakdown. We were both frazzled with the situation that we found ourselves in in the last place, and we were sick and tired of just Africa in general. You can read about that in ‘We Hit A Breaking Point.’

It’s a terrible thing to admit something like that. But we put ourselves into situations that we now see were bleeding us dry. They were bleeding us dry and not giving anything to us in return. It is the same thing that they are doing to the land in their village. The droughts continue to wreak havoc on their crops, and they sit by while watching it happen. They don’t want to have to water their plants, they just want to wait for the rain.

Even if it never comes.

A beautiful chameleon that we saw on the property the other day. Photo Credit: Author

On the other hand, our past couple of months in this location have healed us in ways that we never thought possible. Being surrounded by so many plants, greenery, and people who nurture and replenish the land, has brought us back to our centers.

Not only that, the owner here and the staff have been so appreciative of our efforts, and the owner has personally gone out of her way to treat us to nice experiences while we…



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